BD900 Series Smart Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR

BD900 Series Smart Optical Time Domain Reflectometer OTDR

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BD900 series OTDR has excellent dead zone performance and wide dynamic range.It is Combined with the visual fault locator,and it is easily find the breaks, bends, splices, faulty connectors, and other causes of signal loss. 7-inch enhanced capacitive touch screen, smart management.Similiar with EXFO MAX720 series OTDR.
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    Optical Fiber OTDR supports IOLM function, has four models to choose form, combines with VFL, has big touch screen, is suitable for outdoor use.

    The Optical Time Domain Reflectometer features a large dynamic range and great dead zone performance. There are four models to pick form, each with its own set of measurements that can better satisfy the needs of the consumer. The Fiber Tester can readily discover breakage, bends, splices, bad connectors, and other causes of signal loss when used in conjunction with the visual fault locator.

    The Optical Fiber OTDR includes a simple operating interface and Windows-like GUI, which assures a low learning curve for the customer. It was modeled after the operation mode of a tablet computer and a smart phone. The Optical Fiber OTDR features a 7-inch improved capacitive touch screen that provides an unparalleled user experience without the need for additional training. It’s compact, light, portable, sturdy, and long-lasting, making it ideal for outdoor use.

    Key Features

      • 7-inch capacitive touch screen; Outdoor-enhanced simple and friendly operation interface; Support zoom in and zoom out the test trace through gesture; Support one-touch measurement and analyze the test trace automatically and intelligently.
      • Optimized measurement
      • For network opening: high speed test modeFor network maintenance: accurate test mode
      • Multiple combinations of different dynamic ranges and wavelengths are available
      • Support real-time measurement mode and average measurement mode
      • Support line light alarm function and maximize the protection of the optical device
      • The optical module has self-test function, and can automatically detect its performance and state
      • Support Chinese and English input. Have friendly input interface and mobilephone-like input style
      • Large-capacity lithium battery with over-current protection, over-temperature protection and overvoltage protection; More than 10 hours working time
      • USB interface can easily transfer data between the device and the PC
      • Portable, hand-held and high cost-effective

    • Models






      Center wavelength(±20nm)





      Dynamic Range③(dB)





      Pulse width

      10ns, 20ns, 50ns, 100ns, 300ns, 1.0ms, 2.5ms, 10ms, 20ms

      Event Dead Zone④(m)


      Attenuation dead zone(m)⑤


      Distance Range(Km)




      Distance Measurement Accuracy⑥

      ±(1m + sample space + measurement distance×0.005%)


      ±0.05dB/ dB

      Memory capacity


      Fiber Type



      7-inch capacitive touch screen

      Capacitive touch screen

      >10 million times

      Optical connector

      FC/SC/ST (universal connector)


      Center wavelength


      Out power






      Lithium battery

      Continuous working time *

      >10 Hours(From Bellcore TR-NWT-001138)





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    BD900 Series OTDR Main frame:BD900 Request Price

    Question: Does Baudcom OTDR 900 support IOLM function?
    Answer:  Yes, Baudcom OTDR 900 can support IOLM, which will be easy to operate test the fiber cable.

    Relaeted Link:
    What is IOLM?

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    How to Splice Fiber Optic Cable
    What is OTDR?

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