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  • SDH vs PDH | Difference between PDH and SDH

    What is SDH and PDH? What’s the difference between SDH and PDH? SDH vs PDH are two different synchronous transmission methods. By reading this article, you can learn as below : What is SDH? What is PDH? SDH and PDH difference; SDH vs PDH -How to Choose? SDH and PDH ’s Alternative More types of SDH and PDH product click here. Part I.What is SDH and PDH? What …
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  • 16E1 4GE Fiber Optical PDH Multiplexer supporting P2P Ring and daisy chain application

    The 16E1 pdh multiplexer supports SNMP management, dual 48VDC power supply redundancy and IU 19-inch rack-mounted unit. 16E1 4GE pdh optical multiplexer has the following interfaces; 16x E1 G.703; three built-in electrical Ethernet ports (10/100/1000) Mbps; Fiber optic Ethernet port (SFP socket) 1000Mbps.
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