FTTH CATV Optical Receiver with WDM

FTTH CATV Optical Receiver with WDM

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BD-OR-WDM, WDM built-in, 1490/1310/1550nm, plastica case. It is the featured product that we specially designed for FTTH network structure.
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    Optical Receiver, WDM built-in, single-fiber to the home 1490/1310/1550nm, plastic case. The featured device, the Optical Receiver with WDM, was created specifically for the FTTH-Fiber to the Home network configuration. The ftth optical receiver is WDM enabled. It is a home-based optical receiver designed to achieve the ultimate goal of optical access development and is appropriate for FTTH network users. The ONU or EOC can be used in conjunction with analogue or digital to home to achieve triple play. With a small shell, a compact and suitable internal circuit construction, and great performance indicators, this device is ideal. It is the first choice for fibre optic networks in residential areas and at home.


    • High responsivity PD with excellent CNR at low optical input power
    • Built-in WDM, single-fiber to the home (1490/1310/1550nm)
    • Using GaAs MMIC, excellent performance
    • Zinc alloy shell optional




    Operating Optical Wavelength

    1310/1490/1550 ±20nm

    WDM Insertion Loss


    Optical Receiving Power

    -15~+2 dBm

    AGC Range

    -10 ~ 0 dBm (Basic type)

    -15 ~ -5 dBm (low optical power type)


    SC/APC or SC/PC

    Frequency Band

    47~862(1003) MHz

    Output Level

    ≥85 dBµV (Basic type)

    ≥75 dBµV (low optical power type)


    ±0.75 dB

    Return Loss

    47~550MHz ≥16dB

    550~862(1003)MHz ≥14dB

    Output Impedance

    75 Ohm

    CNR/ CTB / CSO

    ≥51dB/≥65dB/≥[email protected] -1dBm input power

    Supply Voltage

    DC 5V or 12V (AC220V Adapter)

    Power Consumption

    3~5 W

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    BD-OR-WDM Ftth optical receiver, WDM built-in, 1490/1310/1550nm, plastic case Request Price
    BD-OR-WDM-Z Ftth optical receiver, WDM built-in, 1490/1310/1550nm, zinc alloy shell Request Price
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