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USB to RS485/422 Interface Converter

USB to RS485/422 Interface Converter

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Overview: BD-USB-485/422 interface converter with magnetic FTDI chip 1.8MPerformance Parameters Meet…
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    BD-USB-485/422 interface converter with magnetic FTDI chip 1.8MPerformance Parameters

    1. Meet USB1.0,1.1,2.0 standards;
    2. comply with EIA RS422, EIA RS485 standard

    3.USB signal: VCC, DATA-, DATA +, GND.FG

    4.RS-422 signal: T / R +, T / R-, RXT +, RXD-, GND; RS-485 signal: T / R +, T / R-.GND

    5.RS-422 Work: Full-duplex bi-directional point-to-many communication

    6.RS-485 Work: point half-duplex two-way communication for many

    1. Maximum transmission distance: USB port does not more than five meters, RS-422/485 terminal1200 m(9600bps time)
    2. Transmission media: twisted pair or shielded cable
    3. Load capacity: RS-422, up to 10, including the main equipment; RS-485, up to 32
    4. Baud rate: 300 baud to 921600baud automatically detect the serial transfusion rate;
    5. Flow control: none, hardware and xon / xoff
    6. Interface protection: Surge protection, ± 15KV electrostatic protection
    7. The signal indicator: Send (TXD), receive (RXD), power (POWER)

    14.USB cable with magnetic shielding, can be anti-interference;

    1. Working environment: -40 to 85⁰C

    Connector and Signal

    DB9 male, RS-422 / RS485 output signals and terminals pin definitions

    The main means of communication

    1. The four-wire full-duplex point to point
    2. multipoint four-wire full-duplex
    3. The two-point half-duplex
    4. Double-multipoint half-duplex

    Converter as full or half duplex connection, in order to prevent reflections and interference signals, you need to pick a matching line of terminal resistor (parameters: 120 ohm 1 / 4W)

    Installation and Applications

    Before installing this product, please read the product instructions carefully priority.

    1. Insert the USB connector end of the product’s access to the computer’s USB port side;
    2. Connect the device to DB9Mend product.

    The product uses a USB / DB9M, universal connector for input or output interface, without the jumper settings automatically RS-422, RS485 communication. T / R +, T / R- representative emission, RX +, RX- representatives receive, GND on behalf of common ground.

    Can be applied to POS, access control, automatic teller machines, embedded industrial automation systems, financial payment ATM systems, transportation systems, factory automation and process control, medical systems, remote access servers, and so on.

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    BD-USB-485/422 1x USB / RS-232 interface converter and a 485 wiring board, 1x driver CD ,1x manual,1x Adapter Request Price
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