Bộ định vị lỗi trực quan

What is a visual fault locator?

MỘT định vị lỗi trực quan, also known as a laser fault locator, is a visible red laser designed to inject visible light energy into fiber optics.Sharp bends, breaks, connector failures, and other failures will “leak” the red light, allowing technicians to visually detect defects.Optical fiber visual fault locator includes pen – type, hand – held and portable optical fiber visual fault locator.

And this Pen type VFL is specially designed for field personnel who need efficient and economical tools for fiber tracking, fiber routing and continuity inspection in fiber optic networks. It can locate the fault of the OTDR dead zone and identify the fiber from one end to the other. The fiber optic fault locator has a 2.5mm universal connector for 1.25mm connectors, and can also provide FC (male)-LC (female) adapters on request, which can operate in CW or pulse mode with a constant output power. It automatically reminds when the battery is low, the battery has a long battery life (up to 60 hours), the laser head’s anti-drop and dust-proof design, and the laser shell grounding design can prevent ESD damage. It is light and strong and easy to use.

Working Principal

The VFL fills the core of an optical fiber with light from a laser.The light from the laser escapes from the fiber in the form of breakpoints or large bends.The light escaping from the fiber usually illuminates the buffer zone around the fiber.Macro bends are not always visible through coats, but they are usually visible through buffers.Depending on the color of the sheath, the thickness, the amount of fiber in the cable, and the number of strength components, fractures may be seen in the sheath of the fiber optic cable.

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Maintenance Tips

1: Clean both ends of the VFL after 50 matches. If the performance drops, please clean it as soon as possible.

2: Clean the end face of ST connector socket with a lint less cloth (FWP-C) dipping in alcohol (reagent grade isopropanol, minimum 90% concentration).

3: Clean the open sleeve with a clean cotton swab (FSWB-C) dipped in alcohol.Install the split sleeve back onto the fiber ring and secure the housing firmly in place.

4: Unscrew the housing and remove the split sleeve to clean the FVFL output end.Be careful not to lose small gaskets around the sealing gasket.

Thận trọng khi sử dụng

Handle the VFL carefully. When storing, in order to extend the storage time of the battery, please remove the battery. Do not look directly at the path of the laser beam. Do not look directly at the end of the fiber that may be coupled with any fiber optic fault locator or any other laser. Do not launch the visual fault locator into an active device or microscope. Ensure that the terminal opposite the visual fault locator is not connected to any electronic device or activated device during the termination process.

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