G.703 E1 qua bộ ghép kênh sợi quang

  • Bộ ghép kênh sợi quang 16E1

    16E1 fiber optical multiplexer can multiplex to 16E1 signals for transmission over an optical fiber, resulting in reaching a longer distance without a repeaters and superior performance compared to copper media.
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  • Bộ ghép kênh sợi quang 4E1

    4E1 G.703 fiber multiplexer,75ohm or 120ohm for option, SC/FC for option, dual fiber or WDM for option,singlemode 120KM,AC or DC power built in
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  • Bộ ghép kênh quang 8E1 PDH

    8E1 fiber optical multiplexer is the 8E1 point-to-point optical transport equipment that uses the FPGA chips and it is easy to upgrade. It is single board structure and the largest transmission capacity is 8E1.
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