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FTTH Optical XGS PON Power Meter compatible with GPON XGPON

FTTH Optical XGS PON Power Meter compatible with GPON XGPON

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XGS PON power meter, 10G PON optical power meter, can measure the power of uplink and downlink signals in GPON/EPON and XGPON/XGSPON networks.
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    The XGS PON power meter is a new tester for FTTX network. It has all the functions of traditional PON tester. It also has the function of the next generation PON . The 10G XGS PON optical power meter can measure the power values of uplink and downlink signals in GPON/EPON and XGPON/XGSPON networks, as well as measure the wavelength of downlink signal power at 1490/1550/1577nm. All PON signals can be measured by the pon power meter, or each wavelength can be measured individually. The PON optical power meter could judge whether the power value is suitable or not by self-setting the threshold. It is an ideal tester for PON network and maintenance.

    XGS pon power meter interface

    1- OLT/Video Downstream detector(1490nm/1550nm/1577 nm)
    2- ONT Upstream detector(1310nm/1270nm)
    3- Screen
    4- Turn on/off
    5- Cursor selection
    6- Function selection
    7- Menu/ Unit
    8- Relative value
    9-Cursor selection
    10-Confirm key
    11-Setting key
    12-Menu/ Wavelength
    13-USB Communication port

    pon power meter test interface xgs pon power meter testing




    XGS PON Power meter Specifications

    G/E PON Module
    Wavelength Wavelength Wavelength Wavelength
    Range(dBm) Range(dBm) Range(dBm) Range(dBm)
    Spectral band pass Spectral band pass Spectral band pass Spectral band pass
    Isolation Isolation Isolation Isolation
    XGSPON Module
    Wavelength 1270nm 1577nm
    Range(dBm) +10~-40 +10~-40
    Spectral band pass 1270±20 1577±20
    Isolation 1577nm>40dB 1270nm>40dB
    In penetration mode


    Uncertainty ≤0.5dB
    Resolution 0.01dB
    Threshold setting 10
    Data storage 1000pcs
    Working temperature -10℃~+60℃
    Relative humidity 0%~95%RH
    Connector type SC/APC (FC/APC optional)
    Communication port USB
    Power supply 3pcs AA1.5V battery
    Working time Working time≥20H,standby time≥60H
    Size L*W*H 192mm×102mm×50mm
    Weight 420g


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