XGPON ONT AX3000 wifi 6 Home Router bult-in 2.5G 3GE POTS

XGPON ONT AX3000 wifi 6 Home Router bult-in 2.5G 3GE POTS

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XGPON ONT AX3000 wifi 6 Home Router, integrated with dual-frequency WiFi 6 AX3000Mbps. uplink XGPON, downlink 1*2.5G+3GE, USB port, VOIP port.
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    The XGPON ONT is optical terminal access device (AX3000Mbps) that highly integrated with dual-frequency WiFi 6+ 1*2.5G+3GE+POTS home router. The XGPON ONU is the end-product of optical fiber for operators. It supports ultra-bandwidth access through XGPON upstream technology and provides users with basic WIFI functions, routing, and gigabit Ethernet functions. The upstream network ports of the ax3000 wifi router are XGPON ports. The downstream user ports include 1*2.5G+3GE electrical ports, one USB port, one VOIP port and AX3000 WiFi 6 WLAN ports.

    XGPON ONT Key Features:

    xgpon ont wifi 6
    10G PON Solution Realtek ChipsetNext-Gen Gigabit WiFi6
    2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual Band
    Speed up to 1.8 Gbps
    IPv4/IPv6 Dual StackUSB3.0 Interface
    For Shared

    XPON ONT Interface Function

    1) XGPON ONU interface: SC/UPC(APC) interface, XGPON standard

    2)2.5G+3*GE, 1000 MBPS, RJ – 45, IEEE802.3-2005 standard

    3) VOIP interface: in accordance with G. 711 a/u, G. 729 a/b, G. 722 standard

    4)USB interface: standard USB 3.0 interface

    5)Dual-band WIFI6 AX3000 (2 ×2 MIMO (2.4G&5G))

    xgpon onT port functionxgpon onT speed advantage

    xgpon onT power Consumption advantagexgpon onT power wider Signal Coverage


    XGPON ONT Technical Feature

    Interface1*XGPON Uplink, SC/UPC(APC), 1*2.5GE, 3*10/100/1000M Ports, 1*POTS(VOIP), 1*WIFI 6 (AX3000), 1*USB, 1*Reset button, 1*power, 1*Led button, 1*WPS
    WIFI 62.4G&5G IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
    2.4G 100mW, 5G/200mW
    Connector TypeReceiving sensitivity:-8 to -27dBm
    XGPON Wavelengths: 1270 nm / 1577nm
    XGPON model:downstream 10Gbps /upstream 2.5Gbps
    MAC Address1K
    PowerAC:100~240V;12V 1.5A;
    Power consumption≤10W
    Working EnvironmentOperating Temperature: 0℃ ~ 45℃
    Storage Temperature: -20℃ ~ 70℃
    Operating Humidity: Max 90%, non-condensing
    Storage Humidity: Max 95%, non-condensing
    Working Height: Max to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters)
    Storage Height: Max to 10,000 feet (3,000 meters)
    MTBF200,000 hours

    XGPON ONT Software Feature



    ITU-T G.984.1, ITU-T G.984.2, ITU-T G.984.3, ITU-T G.984.4, TR255/TR156, ITU-T G.987.3, G.988, G.989

    SC/UPC(APC) connector optional

    FEC (Forward Error Correction) in both upstream and downstream

    the XGPON ONU support Dynamic bandwidth status report

    QoS scheduling based on SP or WRR between GEM port and T-CONT

    Downstream multicast GEM port and broadcast GEM port

    Support Triple Churning Encryption algorithm

    Support NSR/SR Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA)

    Support Forward Error Correction (FEC)

    Support Dying Gasp

    Service processing functions such as traffic management, QoS, multicast, encryption and decryption, service flow classification, bridging, NAT/NAPT, gateway processing are provided;

    Supports L2/L3 multicast and VLAN conversion;

    Supports 16KB jumbo frames

    15 TCONTs /256GEM ports

    8 Egress queues per TCONT at least

    VLAN/ priority/VEIP gem mapping mode

    SN/LOID/SN+ Password authentication Performance monitoring: eth/Gem

    Ethernet FeatureEthernet port auto-negotiation

    Downstream Directions

    L2, IPv4 NAT, IPv6 3/5-Tuplebridge

    Virtual exchange based on TR-156 and CTC

    Port-based VLAN labeling and de-labeling

    Support IP TOS/DSCP to 802.1Pmapping

    Support service classification based on UNI, VLAN-ID, 802.1Pbit,TOS/DSCP

    802.1P labeling and re-labeling

    IGMP v2 / v3snooping

    Broadcast/multicast rate limit

    MAC learning (SVL)/aging

    Support max frame length to1518 bytes VLAN tagging for untagged packets Support VLAN 1-4094

    VLAN transparent/translation

    MAC Learning, 1K MAC address table

    Port Bandwidth Control, IEEE802.3x flow control

    Storm Control: Broadcast/Multicast/unknown unicast, ARP

    Port Isolation, port Mirror, Auto MDI/MDIX

    port Loop detection

    IGMP v2, v3 &IGMP Snooping

    ax3000 wifi router FeatureSupport LAN connection


    Static connection

    Network Address Translation (NAT)/Network Address Port Translation(NAPT)

    Port Forwarding

    Static Routing

    Traffic classification and QoS based on the identification of Layers 3 and4

    Access Control List(ACL)


    Application Layer Gateway(ALG),UPnP


    Dynamic Domain Name Service(DDNS)

    Support the NTP protocol

    IGMP agent

    WIFI FeatureWIFI protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac/ax

    2.4GHz band transmit power (including antenna gain) default 100mW, adjustable range 20-100MW, can be adjusted by percentage up to 100mW;

    5GHz band transmit power (including antenna gain) default 200mW, adjustable range 40-200mW, adjust table by percentage up to200mW;

    Automatic rate regulation;

    Recognize when the STA is in a power saving state, and cache relevant data, wake up the STA with a Beacon frame, and send the cached data;

    Optionally supports configuration of Beacon frame sending interval and DTIM interval;

    ax3000 wifi router Support dual-antenna MIMO (2*2) external 4pcs, antenna gain:5dBi;

    2.4G 574Mbps  5G 2402Mbps

    WLAN access capability:64 client

    channel:   2.4GHz(channel 1-13)/5GHZ(channel 36-161 )

    WPS:WLAN terminal devices with WPS Push Button function establish connection within 2 minutes

    WLAN security function:WPA-PSK、WPA2-PSK、WPA3、WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK


    Multicast:WMM(Wi-Fi Multi Media)

    XGPON ONT VOIP Featurethe XGPON ONU Supports one voice processing;

    Support various prompt tone generation;

    Support encoding and decoding G.711, G.722, G.729, T30/T38, etc.;

    Support the FoIP function;

    Support the Fax/Modem VBD (Voice Band Data) function;

    Functions such as echo suppression, speech activity detection, comfortable background noise, speech frame compensation are supported;

    Support the functions of VoIP statistics and fault diagnosis;

    VoIP codec mode can be configured separately for each POTS route, and codec priority order and packaging interval can be configured;

    Support the functions of detection, generation, transmission and recovery of DTMF;

    Generation of Support FSK with calling number display function;

    Support two-stage dialing and RFC2833 intra-band transmission of DTMF tone;

    Support the Tripartite meeting function;

    Call waiting, Inconditional Call Forward,

    Call Forward if Busy,Call Forward if no reply and Three-party calls.

    ManagementCLI / OMCI / OAM / WEB



    xgpon ont wifi6 onu application

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    BD-ONU-225AX1*XGPON Uplink +1*2.5G LAN port, 3*10/100/1000M LAN port,1*POTS port,1*WIFI 6(2.4G&5G AX3000M),DC12V,1.5ARequest Price
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