4 Core Rack Mounting Drawer Type Fiber Optic Distribution Box

4 Core Rack Mounting Drawer Type Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Short Description:

Fiber optic distribution box, can be used as 19inch rack mount or wall mount panel, drawer type design, easy operation and maintenance, 4 core, LC/SC/FC/ST adapters are available
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    The 4 core rack mounting drawer typer fiber optic distribution box is used to connect the fiber in the house and it can be hanged on the wall or fixed on the floor. the body is made of steel plate with rot-resistant coating. For meeting the new development of communication network, the products considered to be new small fiber distribution panel, it is applied for remote module offices, BTS, etc.

    Structure Feature:

    • High quality cold rolled steel with electrostatic spraying
    • Number of cable inlets and outlets: 4 cable inlets/outlets, adapter panel can accommodate 4 pieces of adapters
    • Strength member and box are insulated, with grounding device
    • With strength member and cable fixation device
    • Installation method: wall mounting, openable side door, easy for patchcord operation
    • Removable adapter panel for FC, SC and ST adapters

    Fiber optic distribution box advantages:

    • Reasonable design
    • The fiber distribution panel is reliable cable leading, grounding and fixation
    • Reliable fixation and perfect protection of the fiber optic pigtail
    • Wide usage range
    • Draw type design, easy and quick operation and maintenance

    Technical Parameter:

    • Environmental Temperature: -25°C~+45°C
    • Relative Humidity: ≤85% (30°C)
    • Air Pressure: 70~106KPa
    • Insulation Resistance: ≥2×104
    • Voltage Resistance: under 15KV DC and 1 min, no puncture, no arc-over
    • Fiber bending radius in tray: ≥40mm
    Items   Description
     Enclosure Body Material Cold-rolled steel
    Finish Electrostatic powder coating spraying in whole surface(Thickness>50μm)
    Splicing Tray Material ABS or better
    Type Slot in modular
    Capacity 12 cores per tray
    Cable Entry Position Right Side and back adjustable
    Size(mm) 20
    Operation Access Full front operation with detachable and lockable cover
     Cable Management Cables routing design with fiber bending radius over 40mm
    Installation Standard 19 inches rack mounting
    Capacity Adaptor 4 core
    Splicing 4 core
    Pig Tail SC/UPC,Diameter=0.9mm
     Adaptor Type SC/UPC
    Colour UPC-blue
     Dimension Depth Less than 300mm
    Wide Support 19 inches rack installation
    Height 1U
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