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光接收器 1 100
ftth 光接收器 不适用 10
光节点 0 100
有线电视光节点 na 10

  • 带 WDM 的 FTTH CATV 光接收机

    BD-OR-WDM optical receiver is the featured product that we specially designed for FTTH-Fiber to the Home network structure.  The optical receiver integrated with WDM. With small shell, compact and reasonable internal circuit structure and excellent performance indicators. It is the first choice for residential area and home fiber optic network.  Feature  Hig…
  • FTTH CATV光接收机

    BD-OR-RF FTTH catv光接收机是我们专门针对FTTH光纤到户网络结构设计的特色产品。 外壳小巧,内部电路结构紧凑合理,性能指标优良,是小区、家庭光纤网络的首选。 特点 高品质塑料材质…
  • 具有 PON WDM – 2RF 输出的 CATV RF 光接收器

    CATV射频光学特性 高品质铝型材外壳,散热良好。 RF通道全砷化镓低噪声放大器电路。 数字信号满足-15dBm接收,模拟信号满足-10dBm接收。 具有光输入AGC功能(AGC范围可定制)。 低功耗设计、高效率开关电源……
  • 无源FTTH光接收机

    Passive FTTH Optical receiver, cost-effective, no need power. ■ High quality plastic case; ■ Digital signal input -10dBm, analog signal input -7dBm; ■ Without power supply and consumption; ■ SC/APC or FC/APC; ■ Output level> 64dBuV (Pin=0dB).
  • CATV Passive WDM Optical Receiver Jumper Type

    passive optical receiver built-in WDM, two SC connector pigtail jumper, easily intallation, no need power, ideal for FTTH tri-play application
  • WDM Passive FTTH Optical receiver single fiber

    WDM Passive Optical receiver, single fiber, low noise, high RF signal output, no need power, cost-effective, ideal for FTTH application
  • 室外型四路输出光接收机

    应用范围 四路输出光接收机是一种野外防雨接收机。 适合建筑物集中或社区、村庄的用户。 适用于多端口高电平输出分配网络。 适用于电力不方便的地区,单机多用户。 可与ONU或EOC配合使用以实现……
  • 室外光接收器 2 路 RF 输出,带 AGC

    室外光接收节点2路高电平输出射频输出,低噪声放大,优质铝拉伸合金外壳。 理想的 FTTH。
  • Metal Case Passive CATV Optical Receiver with WDM

    Passive CATV Optical Receiver with WDM, metal case, has very good heat dissipation. It also can shield against electromagnetic interference.

    INFORMATION Overview The device is a building indoor optical receiver. Optical forward receiver with AGC automatic level control function. When input optical power among -8~0dBm, the constant output level is 78 dbuv. The return path of this receiver uses RFOG technology. The reverse laser controls the “burst” mode of the optical node by detecting…

    Performance Characteristics Excellent AGC characteristic, when the input optical power range is -7~+2dBm, the output level, CTB and CSO basically unchanged. Professional RF attenuator circuit, with good attenuation linear and high precision. GaAs amplifier device, with good index, low distortion and high reliability. The return path control adopts burst mode…
  • WDM 2 RF 输出 FTTH CATV 光接收机

    1、Applications The optical receiver is home optical receiver with optical fiber access as its ultimate goal. It is suitable for FTTH (fibre to the home) network fiber subscriber access terminals, enabling analog or digital signals to enter the home. The machine uses low-power photodetectors, GaAs and optical AGC technology to meet the fiber-to-the-home CATV …
  • SAT-IF 和 CATV 滤波器光接收器

    Description BAUDCOM filter optical receiver is an FTTH CATV+SAT-IF high-performance optical transmission equipment, suitable for cable TV and satellite live TV transmission on the same network. It is used in a triple play network where end customer only needs SAT-IF+CATV service. This machine selects the high bandwidth, high sensitivity photoelectric cell, a…
  • FTTH 8口光接收机有线电视

    Overview The Baudcom FTTH 8 Port optical receiver is specially designed for FTTH-fiber to the Home network structure. It has an 8-way node for outputting RF signals, which equals to a built-in CATV splitter and is cost-effective for projects. It is mainly used for Cable TV Network RF Signal Distribution FTTH FTTP FTTB FTTX and much more. 1.input: -15dBm—+2dB…