• 720core Rack Mount ODF, Integrated 12 fibers Splice and Distribution Tray

    720core Rack Mount ODF is used for cable fixation, termination, splicing and patching. It is widely used in 19” Optical Distribution Frame of high density in central office. Feature: Large capacity, high density Modular structure, 72 fibers fusion unit, splicing & distribution integration module,easy to adjust fusion and distribution units. Suitable for inserting installation of SC, FC and ST adaptor. Meet the demand of termination for both zonary cables and non-zonary cables. Clear marking, fusion and distribution is marked for each fibers. Every unit could be pulled out alone, easy to operate with the function of protecting fiber connection point…
  • 高密度144芯ODF光纤配线盘

    ODF optical fiber distribution panel, high density 144 cores, 12pcs module, modular fiber optic patch panel, easy to maintain and extend
  • 19 英寸机架式 ODF 光分配

    The ODF fiber box integrated Splice and DistributionTrays and outdoor cross-connect cabinet, modular design, are easy installation and maintenance
  • 机架ODF中心光配线架

    BD-GPX-04 ODF has adopted integral splice and distribution module with electro static spray on the whole shape, so it is of beautiful appearance, compact structure and high density.
  • IP65户外交叉连接SMC机柜

    IP65 Outdoor Cross Connect SMC Cabinet is flexible, fully enclosed cabinet built for fiber optic rack-mountable hardware and utilized for cross connect installations in outdoor protected environments.
  • 户外落地式SMC交叉连接柜

    Outdoor Floor Standing SMC Cross Connect Cabinet is used for cross connection and termination between trunk cables and distribution cable, especially for optical nodes in access network.
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